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Abby Starkey

I have made life long friends in the sport. It's prepared me for all the future levels in bowling: National tournaments, Junior Gold, and Team Trials. It's taught me life lessons like patience, dealing with adversity, and how to be a competitor.

Griffin Jordan

The Elite Youth Tour has challenged me physically and emotionally on the lanes. I feel it has better prepared me for Jr Gold, SYC and other tournaments where I bowl on multiple difficult patterns that require my spare game and mental game to be elite.

The EYT has pushed me to be a better bowler and human being by allowing opportunities to mentor younger bowlers and Diandra challenging us on the lanes and off to always strive to be better. I have been able to make friends from all over the United States and my bowling family has grown stronger from being together competing monthly. I look forward to the EYT tournaments because I know I am always bowling against the best bowlers.

Cam Crowe.jpeg

Cam Crowe

The elite youth tour has not only shaped me to be a better bowler but a better person in general. It made me start to take a lot more responsibility in how I represent myself, as I now see that there are people that look towards me as an influence in their lives. It made me have a lot more patience because some of the patterns you put out are VERY challenging. But the main thing it made me realize is that even while bowling and competing, this is much bigger than bowling. It's treated as a family, which makes the environment MUCH better. It is giving me connections and friendships that will last a lifetime, and I could not be more grateful for what this tour has given me.

Jillian Martin

The Elite Youth Tour has driven me to be the best version of myself on and off the lanes! I have met people from across the country who will forever be my friends, and without the EYT I may have never crossed paths with them! The EYT has inspired me to learn more, work harder, and compete to the best of my abilities not only in bowling, but also in life!!

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Landin Jordan.jpeg

Landin Jordan

The Elite Youth Tour makes me want to be a better bowler and makes me want to win. Being a part of the tour has taught me how to bowl under pressure and use that as motivation to become the best bowler I can be. It has helped me create friendships and endless memories. Bowling on different conditions and in various bowling alleys has helped me grow into the bowler I am and better prepare me for other opportunities such as Jr Gold and upcoming Team USA trials that I am going to do in January. Bowling the events gives me something to look forward to and allows me to compete against some of the best bowlers. I do not believe I would be the bowler and competitor I am today without my experiences and being a part of the Elite Youth Tour. You and the tour have given me the opportunity to do what I love and grow into a better competitor.

Gianna Brandolino

The Elite Youth Tour has influenced my life in many ways. EYT’s have helped me find the best friends I have now. Elite Youth Tour has helped me prepare for other tournaments like Junior Gold, Storm Youth Championships, and the Illinois State Pepsi Tournament.  The friends I have now I couldn’t imagine a life without them. They have helped me become the person I am today and without the Elite Youth Tour tournament I wouldn’t have found them.  I can prove that the Elite Youth Tour has helped me prepare for other tournaments because I won U12 Illinois State Pepsi Tournament in 2019, also won an Storm Youth Championship, 7 Eagles from the USBC Youth Open, and made the TV show for Junior Gold to place 3rd in the U12 division.  If you would like to prepare for other tournaments and make new friends, I would 100% recommend the Elite Youth Tour.

Gianna Brandolino.jpeg
Jos Weems.jpeg

Jos Weems

It has definitely strengthened the mental aspect of my game. Even though losing several times, it helped me get better and better. When I was in the finals, and had to make a ten pin to win, I missed it by under an inch. Then I went home, constantly training to better my spare shooting. And there have also been times where I didn’t even make the cut. Those times I realized that sometimes, people have “not so good days”, and that I am not perfect.  Elite Youth Tour has just helped me get better physically and mentally. And, more importantly, this has helped me with life’s challenges, too. Elite Youth Tour really has helped me to become the bowler (and person) that I am today.

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