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So Much Gratitude

The Elite Youth Tour feels so much gratitude for amazing sponsors. Thank you for believing in our tour and for your continued support. You. Are. Amazing!


scholarship money we have given out to date


Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple: The Elite Youth Tour is the platform for young leaders to build strong communities and create positive social change.

Our vision is this:

Utilizing the sport of bowling to create a positive impact through personal youth development.

We look forward to welcoming many more companies on board to support our cause. Help us build your future leaders while we have fun doing it!

A Thank You

Sponsors are at the core of who the Elite Youth Tour is. Without support, it would be hard to sustain. We have a great group of amazing sponsors – many who have believed in us from the start.

To date, we have given away over $245,000 and many, many Junior Gold spots thanks to Storm. Elite Youth Tour Bowlers stand out at Junior Gold. Mabel Cummins won the U15G division and we have had multiple bowlers make the Junior Gold TV SHow. We have also celebrated an Elite Youth Tour champion who went on to win the Team USA Trials and National Amateur Champion. Congrats, Cameron Crowe! 

We believe that the Elite Youth Tour should be way more than just youth bowling tournaments. We are cultivating a space to grow future leaders. We believe by using bowling as a platform, we are able to create a difference in the community, and society.

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