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Q: Do you have to be an EYT member to bowl?
A: You do NOT have to be an EYT member to bowl. If you ARE an EYT member, you will save $15 on each regular season event.


Q: Do you have to be a USBC member to bowl?
A: You do have to be a USBC member in good standing to bowl the Elite Youth Tour events.

Q: Can I wear shorts?
A: MALES: No shorts.
FEMALES: Reasonable length shorts is acceptable.

Q: I love bowling in my AirPods. Can I?
A: No listening devices may be worn during competition. Acception for medical reasons (please alert staff.)


Q: Is the EYT Scratch or Handicap?
A: All scratch! We have many different divisions decided by age. You have the option to bowl up if you choose.

Q: Are there separate divisions for girls and boys?
A: Yes, the only exception is when the girls or boys division does not have 4 participants in which case we will combine the division.


Q: What is the event cost for members vs nonmembers?
A: Members pay $65 per event (not including special events like Battle Royale or Bowlapalooza) and Non Members pay $80.


Q: Will the Elite Youth Tour be held on a house or sport pattern?
A: We believe in getting you prepared for what you may see at Junior Gold and other big events. We never bowl on house shots.


Q: Do you offer financial aid?
A: Possibly! Please email to find a solution to get you here. We never want the entry fee to be the reason you do not compete.

Q: Is there a way to earn free entries?
A: Yes! Send 2 new bowlers our way, and earn a free entry!

Q: Does the U23 payout in cash or scholarship?
A: Both! If you still accept scholarship, then we will pay you in scholarship. If you are an official adult bowler, we will pay out in cash.

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